Going to an amusement park to play on of these midway games was one pleasurable recreation for the kids at that time. It was a big joy when the kid would take the coin and put it in the arcade game machine to start the adventure which he saw way more joyful than any other thing. Pinball machines were one of these classic arcade games that appealed to a lot of people. Pinball tables were first introduced in the 1930’s. However, pinball tables of the 1930’s were not the same as later ones of the 1970’s. The former was made of food and implemented mechanical rather than electronic scoring boards. With the emergence of the internet classic arcade games such as pinball, Pac Man, defender, blocks…etc, did not vanish completely. When Pac Man was first introduced it created mass media coverage and awed a lot of people because it was considered a totally novel genre of games at that time. Although these classic arcade games are lagging behind the new technologies of the modern arcade games, still a lot of people feel some nostalgia towards these arcade games with their classic form.  Classic arcade games such as Pac-Man derive their success from their simplicity.